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We make the time our customers spend with us enjoyable.

H-WEBOX is the 54 Rosso in your home, it is Tuscany in your home, it is a pleasant time to spend with good wine and good food wherever you want.

We take care of organizing it, you just have to choose the place, the company and follow the instructions.

in 9 steps:

  • Step #1

    Choose your H-WEBOX at 54rosso.com/H-WEBOX.
    Order it a few days in advance so you are sure it will arrive on time

  • Step #2

    Open the package where you will find:
    1. the instructions
    2. the wooden container
    3. three bottles
    4. three goblets
    5. three recipes
    6. a corkscrew
    7. the code to follow online our sommelier’s explanations of your wines
    8. the cloth to dry the necks of the bottles after pouring the wine

  • Step #3

    Read the simple instructions that show you:
    ▪ how to arrange the wines in the wooden container
    ▪ how to prepare the glasses
    ▪ how to open the bottles correctly
    ▪ how to serve the wine
    ▪ what are the basic rules for tasting a wine
    ▪ how to pair food with wine
    ▪ how to connect to your online tastings

  • Step #4

    Make sure you have all the ingredients for the recipes; they are customized and designed for your area.
    The recipes are easy to prepare but if you don't want to cook, don’t worry, choose from foods that the sommelier recommends, you can easily find them in ready-made stores.

  • Step #5

    Prepare the dishes and refrigerate the wines that need them.

  • Step #6

    When you are ready, open the first wine and launch the link (remember that you can pause when and how many times you want).

  • Step #7

    Follow the sommelier’s directions and taste the wine to match the food you have prepared.

  • #Step 8

    Repeat steps 7 and 8 for the second and third bottles.

  • Step #9

    Enjoy the moment!